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An Invitation For You

Come away by yourselves to a deserted place and rest awhile

-MARK 6:31

In Mark’s Gospel, Jesus instructs His apostles to go away to a deserted place and rest for a while. In His love for His brothers, He wants them to take some time to rest, to pray, and to reflect on their love for Him and for each other.


Jesus eventually goes to the cross and in His agony tell the Apostles and us that He thirsts for our love and this is a daily, real and present thirst of His; St. Mother Teresa of Calcutta always pointed this out to her sisters.


I believe that we too thirst for Jesus’ love. We too, just like the Apostles, need some time with Jesus to deepen our love for Him.


In a couple of weeks, Jesus invites you to a special place here at Our Lady of Mercy (OLM), to rest for a while. In this place, you will be spiritually re-energized and refreshed by the power of the Holy Spirit. The weekend begins on Saturday morning and ends on Sunday afternoon.

Men’s Weekend is 2/25 through 2/26

Women’s Weekend is 3/5 through 3/6

During your weekend, you will hear from people just like you, share talks with you on Christian Renewal, Spirituality, Christian Community, Christian Awareness, The Scriptures, The Father’s Loving Care, New Life in Christ, Reconciliation, The Eucharist, and Discipleship. You will participate in very powerful Liturgies, sing, laugh, maybe cry a little, eat very well, make some new friends, and leave the weekend renewed and refreshed. The Christ Renews His Parish experience can be a tremendous boost to an on-going love relationship with Christ or a new beginning to having an intentional one.


The Christ Renews His Parish weekend is a gift from God that can be freely taken by anyone who simply answers yes to the invitation. There is no pressure on anyone to share on the weekend unless they want to share. Christ simply wants to spend some time with you in a deserted place where the distractions of the world are left behind for a while.


We pray that many of you will consider this wonderful invitation for renewal. We look forward to meeting you at the weekend and journeying with you as Christ encounters us in that deserted place.


Yours In Christ | The CRHP Ministry at Our Lady of Mercy Catholic Church in Aurora

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